Instructions On How To Play Craps Extremely From Experts

Craps is a game that perfectly combines luck and strategy, becoming one of the indispensable games at casinos. To date, this game has attracted the attention of millions of players worldwide and caused a wave in the betting community. However, not everyone understands how to play craps and win big from this game.

What is Craps?

What is Craps?

Craps, an exciting and popular gambling game.

Craps is a betting game based on the results of two dice being rolled and is considered a variation of Sicbo, in which two dice are numbered from 1 – 6 to determine the winner. .

One outstanding feature when play Craps compared to other games is that there is no operator at the betting table. Instead, a player also known as Shooter will take on the role of coordinating the game. 

To win in play Craps, players must pass two dice rolls. The results of these rolls will determine whether the game ends in round 1 or continues to round 2.  

In Craps, you do not compete directly with other players. Instead bet in favor or against the Shooter and the final result will depend on the outcome of the dice and the bets you have placed.

Counting the number of Craps players accurately is a challenge, because the game takes place in many locations around the world and no organization keeps track of the number of participants. In some places, there can be hundreds of people participating in a game, creating a vibrant and stimulating space.

Instructions on how to play craps extremely well 

The basic way to play Craps is relatively simple: players bet based on the results of rolling the dice.

The game begins when players deposit money into positions at the betting table. Then two dice will be rolled to determine the result.

As follows:

  • When play craps, Shooter will make the first roll by rolling 2 dice. Players can then place bets on areas on the table. At that time, the total value of the 2 dice of the first roll will determine whether the game continues to round 2 or not.
  • If the Craps game continues into round 2, the Shooter will continue to roll the dice until the total value of the 2 dice is one of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. will end.
  • The results will determine the winner and loser of the bet.
  • If the player bets on the correct result, he or she will receive a bonus based on the original odds. In the opposite case, if the player does not bet on the correct result, he will lose his bet.

The term appears commonly in Craps

The term appears commonly in Craps

Bets and tables in the game of craps play an extremely important role, and understanding them will help you participate in the game more effectively.

Place a bet

The bet button allows you to determine the amount you want to bet through the use of available chips under the betting table. Every time you click on a chip, the bet amount will increase accordingly. The “Amount to bet per click” button allows increasing the bet value after each click on the chip. 

After adjusting the bet amount as desired, select one of the betting areas marked in blue on the craps table.  


As soon as the player presses this button to roll the dice, the system will begin processing and after about 4-5 seconds, the results will be displayed. Depending on the result, the bet amount on the losing hand will be deducted from the betting table while the bet amount on the winning hand will be calculated based on the corresponding bonus rate and added to the player’s account. In case the result is a draw, the player will receive a full refund of the original bet.


Players can click the “Repeat” button to bet again with the same amount and bet as before. This saves time and avoids having to adjust bets from the beginning, allowing players to continue participating in the game conveniently and quickly.


Allows players to revoke all placed bets, helping to quickly start over from the beginning.

Betting area

To check detailed information about the bets placed, you just need to hover over that bet. When you do so, information such as bet amount, bonus odds and other details will instantly appear on the screen.

Easy tips for play Craps for players

Easy tips for play Craps for players

Below are important experiences from 188jili experts on how to play Craps:

Analyze the probability of dice

The player’s important task is to analyze the probability of the dice positively. Understanding the probability of each number and how it affects the outcome is key.

By observing and analyzing the results after a number of tosses, you can recognize some repeating rules and patterns, thereby improving your prediction and calculation abilities.

Learn about the betting area

In Craps there are many different betting options, each offering different opportunities and risks. Therefore, understanding each betting area will help you make reasonable betting decisions.

Once you have a clear understanding of the betting areas, you can perform logical calculations to choose the most optimal option that suits your playing strategy.


How to play Craps and the above experiences will help you approach the Craps game more confidently and effectively, increasing your chances of winning and having a better experience in the game.

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